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Artist NameVissex
Born DateFebruary 19, 1994
Birth PlaceHonolulu, Hawaii
GenresElectro, Progressive, Hardstyle
Year activate2012

Vissex Biography


In Hawai’i, Vissex has become synonymous with “bounce”. His personality, his music, and even his dancing have such bouncy characteristics. His energy on-stage is unrivaled, which makes his passion very discernible. He is a rising artist in Hawaii’s quickly rising EDM community, and has played alongside some of Hawaii’s best DJ’s. With a residency at Upstairs Waikiki, his ability to set the tone or slay the crowd has grown exponentially.
Having such a diverse music background, a typical set from Vissex may consist of Electro, Melbourne Bounce, Minimal House, Progressive House, Dirty Dutch, Tech House, Psytrance, Hardstyle, Drum ‘n’ Bass, Dubstep, Hardcore, Trap, Indie Dance, and everything in between. Because he is very dependent on the crowds reaction to his music, his sets can go anywhere across the EDM spectrum. Vissex’s specialty genre is Melbourne Bounce, which has many varying levels of energy, groovy off-beat basslines, syncopated high hats, and irresistibly catchy leads that are just sexy.
His musical roots go very deep into punk rock. He’s been playing guitar since he was 13, and has even played the drums in High School, which foreshadows his undoubted sense of rhythm. Like all the cool kids in 2010, Vissex quickly became attached to Dubstep because of his love for heavy music. After what became one of the hugest blow outs of any genre in music history, Dubstep quickly lost its spark, which lead to the discovery of everything else categorized under EDM. From there, all it took was a demo of FL Studio and a very long night. The rest is history.
Vissex’s productions are difficult to classify to a specific genre. Although mostly Melbounce influenced, there are heavy Electro and Progressive elements that blend seamlessly within each other. His music evokes feelings, head banging, and most of all, shuffle circles. His style, originality, and ability to pack a dance floor make Vinny (a.k.a. Vissex) a must-see performer.


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