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Mike Philson
Artist NameMike Philson
Birth PlacePlainfield, New Jersey USA
Year activate2009

Mike Philson Biography

mikephilson-side-profileSince a little boy on the West End of Plainfield, NJ, Mike Philson has had a desire to entertain via music, movies, fashion, events, and sports. Now as a man, Mike’s music is the soundtrack to your life, and embodies the struggles, hopes, and dreams that persist in all of us.  MMP Guided Ent. films including Everything I Wanna Be: The MajorMotionPicture serve to inspire the masses, and Guided Clothing compels anyone wearing the brand to Own Your Beliefs. Plus he is global, having performed all around North America, Asia, and Europe. Philson has developed a global fan base and international movement. Currently, the #tothemoon Movement is the most popular artistic movement in NYC–synergizing world-class visual artists and installations with a hit dance record and a barrage of new remixes emerging from the best and brightest producers and DJ’s Daily.  The #JerseyGrown movement has brought New Jersey together in anticipation of hosting the SuperBowl, and is endorsed by leading tastemakers, leaders of policy, and embraced in the streets amongst the people.  MMP Guided Entertainment hosts events, from large parties to networking events and fundraisers, and operates a catering venture with all-star Chef Karanja of Aromas Catering.  Philson also believes in the power of faith, and virtues of education. Having climbed the ladder from poverty to excellence in America, and working to attain successes including a Harvard Degree, non-profit mentoring enterprise, and entertainment conglomerate, Philson strives everyday to serve as an example of dedication and faith. Add him to your playlist.  Watch a film or two. Wear a Guided Clothing piece and Own Your Beliefs!


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