Rialdo Shepherd - Dirty Me (ORIGINAL MIX) [NOW AVAILABLE]
Artist NameMassfunk
Birth PlaceHonolulu, Hawaii
GenresElectro, Progressive House
Year activate2009

Massfunk Biography

mass-funk-side-picWhen your in the presence of Honolulu’s own DJ Massfunk immediate reactions lead to lasting impressions of epic proportions.

It’s a three step process. Stop. Listen. Lose Your Mind and in his world killing it is commonplace.

A steady fixture in island EDM’s current wave of banger elitists, taking a party to peak levels has played a big part in his quick rise. In a career that took off in 2009, conquering local festival and club crowds with a hypnotic beat barrage of electro, trance and progressive house treats.

Not a manufactured star by any stretch, Massfunk has starred at some of the biggest events and island gatherings Hawaii has ever seen. While he as already arrived. He craves much more.

His addiction to connect with the people has led to residencies at Hawaii hotspots like Ginza, Vice and The Underground. Born and raised on Oahu, the 2009 Pearl City grad has already shared the stage with world renowned artists like of Heavygrinder, Seven Lions, Christopher Lawrence and Lazy Rich. The list of achievements will continue to grow and expect him to be taking notes at all times.

It may be realitively easy for a DJ to rest on his/her laurels but with so untapped potential, stepping up his game constantly will only lead to even greatest gains. Despite his rapid rise to the top of the EDM food chain, every crowd is a challenge and Massfunk takes his craft very seriously. As he continues to make positive moves in the name of electronic groove, he will continue to take notes.

The latest challenge for the man of the moment and the masses is the production realm where he’s already show tremendous upside. He will continue to put his beloved 808 state on his back while creating the blueprint for DJs past, present and future to follow. Setting limits only leads to average results. Massfunk wants the world.


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