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illegal Lizard
Artist Nameillegal Lizard
Birth PlaceCleveland, Ohio USA
GenresTech House, Deep House
Year activate2008

illegal Lizard Biography

illegal-lizard-side-picBorn on the West Coast of America then migrated to Washington DC USA in 2009. He quickly began Djing on a regular basis at some local hot spots. He grew up playing several instruments with his father and grandfather, though he has always loved the deep tones of progressive rock and electronic music. He got his first guitar when he was just 4 yrs old and has been making music ever since.

Influenced by Peter Gabriel/Genesis style of progressive music, with classical and jazz undertones, he wanted to play music that moved in that direction, that’s when he found house. Good storytellers are adept at pulling people into their tales with enthralling character development and captivating plots……that’s what illegal Lizard is all about.


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